Will I be liable for individuals who come in to my place of business?
No. Penn York Opportunities is fully insured and all staff and individuals who work on your premises are covered 100% by PYO insurance policies.
Do I have to pay for any of these services or are there underlying costs I would be responsible for?
No. There is absolutely no cost to you.
What if someone gets hurt or something is damaged?
PYO is fully insured and all our staff and individuals are covered under our policies. There are always staff members present to ensure the health and safety of our individuals. We will come up with a plan of action before we enter your business to make sure we have all areas of need addressed.
How many times a week will you come to my business?
We are extremely flexible and will work around your agenda. We will work together to come up with a schedule that fits your needs.
What if our business is closed or we need to cancel services for the day?
We work extremely close with our business partners and are proud to say we have great working relationships. If a schedule change needs to be made, you can easily contact us and we can make adjustments as needed.
What happens if there a problem with a person you bring here?
Communication is key. There will always be a staff member present while we are at your place of business. If an issue arises, there are supervisors assigned to oversee the program and should be contacted immediately. We are working in your place of business and it is our goal to ensure there are no issues or concerns.
Are other businesses taking part in this program?
Yes. We partner with many businesses throughout the Valley.
What will we do if we obtain new jobs or need help in other areas of our business?
If you have new projects, we can be of assistance. We will work together to come up with a new action plan.
What are your hours of availability?
We are available Monday-Friday from 8:00-5:00. If you have a need for us during non-traditional business hours, we can discuss this and come up with a solution. We do have some evening and weekend availability.
What do I need to do as the business owner?
The only responsibility you have as a business owner is to be willing to work with us. You would need to provide initial instruction as to what you would like us to do for you and ongoing training as new jobs/tasks come up. We ask that you keep open lines of communication with staff and supervisors to ensure that everything is running smoothly.
When can we set up a meeting to discuss this further?
ASAP! Contact Penn York Opportunities, Inc. via phone or e-mail and we will work around your schedule to get something set up.
Penn York Opportunities brings the following skills and abilities to the community. Can any of these be put to use in your place of business?
✓ Sweeping
✓ Mopping
✓ Vacuuming
✓ Window Washing
✓ Doing dishes
✓ Dusting
✓ Taking out garbage
✓ Laundry
✓ Folding
✓ Data entry
✓ Customer service
✓ Filing
✓ Stuffing envelopes
✓ Sorting and organizing
✓ Shredding
✓ Clerical work
✓ Cooking
✓ Garden/yard maintenance
✓ Janitorial tasks
✓ Painting
✓ Running errands
✓ Bussing tables
✓ Facing shelves
✓ Clean outs
✓ Recycling
✓ Car detailing
✓ Hanging, folding and sorting clothing
✓ And SO much more

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