Message from the Director

Greetings from Penn York Opportunities. This year we will celebrate our 50th anniversary. We have a lot of updates as to what is happening with our services and how it has impacted our community.

It has been a year of progress for Penn York Opportunities (PYO) and we have been able to grow in many areas of service. We are now able to assist families that are struggling with their children, struggling to maintain their home, or relationships that would put kids at risk of placement. Additionally, we are able to provide hands on training for families and parents to assist with the improvement of their lives. Our mission here at PYO encompasses empowering people. It is not about putting services in place to be never-ending, but rather empowerment to identify natural supports and have the best life and opportunities possible.

Also, we recently opened our own little ice cream shop, “Sweet Sharlene’s,” named after our founder, Sharlene Bogutski. This little business was expressly set up to provide training opportunities for our folks for employment and socialization in our community. The feedback from the general public has been heartwarming and positive.

Finally, as always, we have a touching story to share with you about one of the young men we serve who we will refer to as John. John was adopted and has known this most of his life. He has never had any contact with his biological parents, but would often talk about them wondering who they were. Just recently, he was contacted by an adoption agency stating that his birth mother wanted to meet him. Our staff talked to John about this and asked if this is something he would want to pursue. Of course, he wanted this very much. PYO reached out to this agency and, with the help of our agency staff and the adoption agency, a phone call was arranged so he and his mother could speak for the very first time in 36 years. The telephone call was very emotional for both John and his mother. His biological mother currently lives in Harrisburg area, so this took a lot of planning from both parties to make this happen. With the support of PYO staff, John was also able to visit his mother for the first time since they were separated. The visit was full of joy and tears from all parties involved! Please look for the full story on the upcoming “News and Announcements” page of our website to learn more.

This story, as well as the many countless others, is part of the reason why we come to work each day! We are making a difference!

Eugenia Bond

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